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days online: 5
WANTED GOLDEN RETRIEVER Mature golden retriever or similar dog Boy or Girl For companionship Tel: 01392 493504
days online: 15
WANTED GOLDEN RETREIVER Mature golden retriever or bitch. Tel: 01392 493504
days online: 15
WANTED victorian militaria local collector would like to buy victorian military items. badges, medals, uniforms, antique firearms, bayonets ETC also books. Tel: 07834 785862
days online: 17
WANTED Old Hand tools Old carpentry and gardening tools wanted Billhooks, chisels, axes, planes, spades complete tool boxes cash waiting Tel: 07725 954124
days online: 39
WANTED Old Car Tools/Parts Any OLD British/European Car or Motorcycle related Parts/Tools/Lamps/Switches/Spanners/Horns/Engines/Books/BMC Whitworth BSF AF etc W...
days online: 54
WANTED DOCKYARD Naval tools/tool boxes, engineering/wood working Chisels/planes. Any tools considered, snap-on, garage clearance, cash paid Tel: 07743 692377
days online: 75
WANTED Old Motoring Tools Any OLD British Car or Motorcycle Parts/Lamps/Speedo's/Horns/Spanners/Books/Gauges etc WANTED. Anything considered from the 1920's - 1...
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