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WANTED AIR RIFLES Your unwanted air rifles In good condition Please text air rifle and I will call you back Tel: 07762 706038
days online: 1
WANTED Motorbike / Mopeds Projects Any Age or Condition More RUST the Better Anything Tel: 07422 516869
days online: 6
WANTED SLATES /FLAGSTONES Roof slates also wanted slate or stone floor slabs Flagstones. will lift up myself if still down any amount considered please telephon...
days online: 6
WANTED Old Car Parts/Tools Wanted Any Old Motorcycle or Car related Parts/Workshop Tools/Lamps/Switches/Spanners/Hooters/Engines/Carbs/Keys/Catalogues/BMC/ Oile...
days online: 7
WANTED WANTED TOOLS Old or new. Small or Very large lots. Carpentry, mechanical, engineering, specialist tools anything considered. Cash paid. Will travel whol...
days online: 8
WANTED Photography/Cameras Any age Photography equipment, Camera's, Lens, Dark Room. Optics. Can Collect and pay cash. Tel: 07525 443866
days online: 8
WANTED Old/New Film Cameras Any age Photography Equipment. Lens, Dark Room, Optics. Working or not. Cash Paid and can collect. Tel: 07525 443866
days online: 15
WANTED Small Mill Machine Wanted Small Bench-Top Vertical Milling Machine for Hobby Use, Requiring Work or Repair is Acceptable,Everything Considered, Private C...
days online: 26
WANTED DOCKYARD Naval tools/tool boxes, engineering/wood working Chisels/planes. Any tools considered, snap-on, garage clearance, cash paid Tel: 07743 692377
days online: 30
WANTED CARAVANS cash paid any age, any size, any caravan considered Tel: 07785 567739
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